True Texas Benefits

About Us

True Texas Benefits was formed in January 2019 with a simple but ambitious goal of solving two of the greatest challenges employers face: employee retention and benefits.

How We Do It

Our unique, hands-on approach means that you’ll never have to navigate your choices alone — and we’ll help ensure that you get everything you need. To do that, we offer:

Creative benefits planning and design

A dedicated account manager

Platinum benefits communication

A centralized, cloud-based enrollment platform

Unlike other insurance brokers, we’ll stay with you throughout the selection process — and beyond. You’ll have a real, live person who will help answer your questions, discuss concerns and even work with you on the back end. In doing so, we help ease the pain that often accompanies implementing and maintaining an effective, well-rounded benefits program.

Discover the Difference

This isn’t insurance the way you’re used to experiencing it. This is customized and customer focused. Find out what a difference True Texas Benefits can make for you.

Because True Texans Know the Difference.