Dental and Vision Insurance

Ranking as the second most popular benefits for employees, dental and vision plans are a critical offering for small businesses. With True Texas Benefits, you’ll be able to provide the best policies for your employees’ needs and feel confident in your choice.

Oral and eye health are essential to a person’s wellbeing. Regular checkups can help diagnose and treat problems before they become serious issues. Eye exams can help diagnose diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension as well as more expected issues such as cataracts. Dental exams are also an important part of being proactive with your health; more than 90% of all common diseases have oral symptoms. Diabetes and heart disease, for example, are both linked to gum inflammation and other oral issues.

Dental Insurance

Dental BenefitsDental plans are offered as both basic and full-coverage options. Basic dental plans cover preventive care such as checkups, cleanings and x-rays. Some also cover basic procedures such as cavity fillings. Full coverage is much more comprehensive and covers major restorative and orthodontic care.

Most dental plans include a provider network, and fall under either a Dental HMO or a Dental PPO. If your plan is a DHMO, you’ll have a list of in-network doctors that you can visit for dental treatments. While this plan is more limited in who you are allowed to see, it often has a lower cost. DPPOs also provide a network of dentists, but they usually allow you to go out-of-network if you wish. It is, however, almost always more affordable to choose an in-network dentist. Otherwise, you can expect to pay more out-of-pocket for the same types of treatments and exams.

Typically deductibles, premiums and annual maximums vary by policy type, so it’s worth considering all of these aspects. The types of services rendered can also vary, so double-check that the treatments being covered are the ones that your employees find value in.

Vision Insurance

Vision BenefitsVision insurance provides coverage for routine exams, as well as discounts on glasses and contacts. Because this type of insurance does not tend to cover major surgeries or injury repair, it is typically very affordable.

Vision insurance is important for everyone, especially in our digital world where we spend much of our day looking at screens. Changes in vision can occur at any age. Eye exams can also catch issues like glaucoma before they become too serious. Typically, you can expect eyewear, lens coatings and some medically necessary corrective surgery to be covered. Other procedures, such as LASIK, may only be partially covered or not covered at all.

Trust True Texas Benefits for Your Dental and Vision Insurance

Founded in 2019, True Texas Benefits has two goals: benefits and employee retention. When employees feel like the company they work for is invested in them, they tend to be happier and stay longer in their positions. Providing robust benefits is an important part of creating positive relationships between management and employees.

True Texas Benefits is committed to providing the coverage your employees need, and you can trust us to help you every step of the way. You’ll work with an experienced, knowledgeable expert who can answer your questions, discuss concerns and even work with you on the back end. In doing so, we help ease the pain that often accompanies implementing and maintaining an effective, well-rounded benefits program.

Reach out to us today to learn more about providing vision and dental insurance to your employees, as well as any other benefits that will provide value to your business.


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