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Health BenefitsYou may think individual insurance plans are the most convenient way for your employees to access health insurance, but offering group health insurance is not only affordable for small businesses, it’s often a better choice than individual plans. Group health insurance policies have a variety of advantages for the employer and employees. These include:

  • Savings: Saving money is the biggest benefit that many small businesses see with a group health insurance plan. The employer can offer robust benefits to their staff, and employees are also able to afford coverage for both themselves and their family. 
  • Larger risk pools: When multiple people participate in a group health insurance plan, it often lowers the costs across the board because of the higher risk pools. This means that more options are available — as well as better coverage and lower prices.
  • Tax incentives: By offering a group health plan, you can save on payroll taxes by providing the option for employees to pay their portion of premiums through pre-tax deductions from their paycheck. 
  • Employee Retention: Employees who feel supported by their employers through good benefits programs often report higher morale and greater loyalty to their job. Retention increases when employees are happy and feel like their employer is invested in them. In turn, you’ll save time and money by minimizing turnover. 

While some companies aren’t legally obligated to provide health insurance, the benefits of doing so outweigh any savings provided by going the individual route. Employees with good health insurance are healthier, happier and better able to take care of themselves or their families. This access and peace of mind often results in staff members who take fewer sick days and feel more committed to their positions. In addition, the positive relationship that is created between an employee and their employer through investment in the employee’s well-being positively affects both day-to-day operations and the company’s morale as a whole.

Trust True Texas Benefits for Your Group Health Insurance Needs

At True Texas Benefits, we work with top-rated major medical carriers and medical indemnity companies to provide you with creative health plans customized to your needs. Unlike other insurance companies, our team will stay by your side through every step of the process — selection to implementation. By working with us, you can expect:

  • Creative benefits planning and design
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Platinum benefits communication
  • A centralized, cloud-based enrollment platform

Contact us today for a customized and customer-focused experience with True Texas Benefits.

About True Texas Benefits

Founded in 2019, True Texas Benefits was created to solve the issues of benefits and retention for small businesses. By combining voluntary benefits with health, dental, vision and life insurance, True Texas Benefits is able to offer the most well-rounded insurance programs available. Invest in your employees and yourself with True Texas Benefits.


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