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In many work places today, company’s have devised different moral principles, ethics, standards of behavior and many other things of that nature, they do this to help motivate and boost company morale within their employees whether it be having a week of employee appreciation or providing lunch one or two days out of the week. Making employees feel appreciated is key when building a successful business.

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You’ll find that when you go into a restaurant or retail store you will sometimes engage with an employee that seems like they are having a bad day and are in a bad mood. But what you fail to realize is that, 9 times out of 10 that is just their attitude about their job because they feel under-appreciated from their employer. Whether it be lack of communication, little or no employee benefits, an absence of integrity such as they feel like they are constantly being lied to or taken advantage of, there are many different ways that an employee would feel under-appreciated.

Then on the contrary, you have many different ways that employees WOULD feel appreciated. For example, places like Chik-Fil-A where their employees are always full of “zing” and “pep” and are consistently in fantastic moods. With a strong insurance benefits program, a sound understanding of said benefits, an exceptional starting pay, unique incentive programs, how can you not feel more than appreciated?  You can always tell when an employee is taken care of by his or her place of work based on their attitude towards the company and their attitude towards costumers.

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We also apply these same aspects to our company but apart from all of these, we have implemented our own beliefs on how we go about showing appreciation to our employees that are utilized through out our entire organization.

1. Unreasonable Positivity

Whether it be working as the administrator of the office, or an account executive, or as an agency development manager or someone on the media team, no matter what role someone has in our company we have a core value of unreasonable positivity.

​You don’t hear people complaining you don’t hear people talking about all the negative things that happened throughout the day, you don’t hear about “we cant win this deal or we cant win that deal”. You hear nothing but positivity. Almost to the extent that it might be annoying for some people.

We don’t like excuses, we don’t like gripes and complaints. Primarily because that doesn’t get anyone to the next level in their career. Whether it be at home, with their family, with your spouse, with your kids, at work and business. None of that stuff is gonna help you progress. What is gonna help you progress is looking at that situation as a way to grow as a way to solve a problem and overcome a challenge.

2. Absolute Authenticity

We don’t do things fake and flashy. Don’t get me wrong, we like nice clothes and steak dinners but you’re not gonna hear someone call and say “Hey, you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars next month if you just come work with us in this role or that role with our company”.  We don’t have those conversations. We don’t make income claims that are unrealistic. If we tell you an income claim we’ll put it on paper and sign it.

In this industry there is a lot of fluff, there’s a lot of hot air and we try to keep that to a minimum as far as what we represent to our team members and what we represent to clients and customers. We’re not going to customers and telling them things that we’re not going to be able to deliver on, just like we’re not gonna tell a new-hire or team member or an individual within our organization one thing and doing another.

We want to be authentic and we wanna be who we are.

​We have a very diverse group of folks and a very diverse team and that’s something we take pride in. It’s not about making everybody the same, it’s about taking your own personality and taking processes, structures and systems, being authentic in who you are and developing a career and that’s what we help people do.

3. Non-Restricted Communication

We tell it like it is.

We shoot straight with each other. If there’s an individual that has an issue, we say it. Sometimes we say it louder than other times, but it’s clear communication both ways. We will never tell an employee one thing and be thinking another and we encourage our employees to have that be a mutual thing. They know they can tell us exactly what they think and if we are in disagreement then, so be it, we will discuss it. If they can make it make sense, then we will respect that and probably even change our mind.

Its never “Hey just do it this way, don’t ask any questions, just do what we’re saying”. It’s never that.

There is ALWAYS communication. We don’t restrict that.

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4. Unparalleled Integrity

We always do the right thing.

Even if doing the right thing will have a tough consequence, we do the right thing. Even if it doesn’t feel like the right thing but it is, we do it. ​Although, sometimes we can be a little “gung-ho” when it comes to making very strong commitments. If we wanna get something done and we want to make something happen, we make commitments and we figure it out.

There’s been times when we cut checks and paid out things that we probably shouldn’t have done, but we followed through with them because we committed to them because of the integrity of this operation and because of our integrity as individuals. Whether it be telling a client something, telling an individual on our team something, telling anyone, anything, we’re gonna do it. Even if it costs us a lot of money, which it has.

But because of our integrity, we are able to develop things in a healthy way.

5. Massive Action

Last but certainly not least and probably one of the most important out of the list is Massive Action.

So the way to really bring change in any part of your life, specifically in business, is to create massive action. You’re not going to find us talking to you about “Hey maybe we can make these small changes, maybe you can do this a little different and maybe you can do that a little different.” We’re gonna look at the big things we can do, we’re gonna look at some of the massive actions steps we can take.

We don’t sit down and make 2 or 3 calls to customers. We make 20 or 30, or 200 or 300. We’re not going out to see 3 customers in a day, we’re going out to see 30. We’re doing massive amounts of action that we’ve seen time and time again produce massive amounts of results when you tie it into the other 4 things.

These 5 things really entail what we believe here at True Texas Benefits. It’s authenticity, communication that’s unrestricted, unreasonable positivity, our integrity and massive action.

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